Robitussin Abuse
Robitussin Abuse
   Robitussin Abuse | Robitussin Treatment

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Dangerous Effects of Robitussin Abuse

Robitussin abuse is the habit of taking dextromethorphan, not as a remedy against cough, but for the purpose of getting "high." Robitussin is a popular brand of cough syrup that contains this active ingredient. Thus, the abuse of cough medication that contains dextromethorphan came to be known as "Robitussin abuse."

Why is the recreational use of dextromethorphan dangerous to one's health? First of all, this chemical is taken because of its dissociative effects when taken in large doses. The dissociative impact is the same as those provided by ketamine and PCP. It should be noted that when dextromethorphan is taken as directed, it will have minimal side effects. It is an over-the-counter (OTC) medicine for coughs and colds because its effectiveness and safety has been demonstrated by years of testing and experience. It is only when it is ingested in large dosages, such as drinking one whole bottle right there and then, will the dangerous effects be experienced.

Unfortunately, the fact that this is an OTC cough medication has led some teenagers to believe that it can provide a safe way to get "high." In addition, it is not only dextromethorphan that is dangerous when the cough syrup is taken in huge doses. Also contained in the medication are decongestant chemicals for relieving cold symptoms and antihistamine. Antihistamine is a compound that is utilized to counteract the effects of histamine. Histamines are responsible for the watery eyes and runny nose that some people have when they have a cold or an allergic reaction. Thus, cough medication also contains antihistamine to relieve these symptoms. However, if antihistamines are taken in large doses, the body's immune system develops more tolerance against these drugs. Thus, physicians often rotate the kind of antihistamine that they prescribe or else the antihistamine will no longer be effective and the person will discover that the symptoms of his or her allergy will continue to become worse. Antihistamines can cause nervousness, irritability, dry mouth, blurred vision, difficulty in urinating, dizziness, upset stomach, and restlessness. Some cough medications also contain alcohol, which can also have dangerous effects on the abuser's mind.
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